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filamento para impresoras 3d

Reflect-o-Lay, Reflective Filament for 3D Printers

The engineer Kai-Parthy has developed a new filament that has reflective properties thanks to the principles of the retro-reflection of light, as a quick example; Reflective vests.

The material as such is a semi-flexible grayish-colored polymer that combines tiny reflective particles that get the light to be reflected intensely in dark places when they receive a direct emission of light to the object. This filament can be sewn into garments and can also be washed without losing properties.

The effect achieved in the printed pieces makes when they receive direct light they emit the reflection from any angle. The effect is more intense in places with poor lighting.

The uses that can be given to this filament can be many, at the moment it is in experimental phase in the industry of the automobiles, manufacturing elements as the passive signaling of the same.

But it does not remain alone there, the filament also has more prominence than we think, cyclists enjoy reflective elements created with the filament to increase their visibility in low light conditions. Also the traffic signals receive a grain of sand from this filament.

Do not leave aside the fashion industry, where you also find room for this filament, as can be in the creation of clothing, clear example commented before; The reflective vest.

In the domestic field this filament also takes center stage, some of these elements can be the necklaces for the pets, accessories for sunglasses and accessories to give a touch to the bags.

Undoubtedly, novelties like these open a range of possibilities in the world of 3D printing. Next, we leave a video so you can see clear examples of this filament:

Source :: 3ders

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